Book Review – Shakespeare’s Feminine Endings by Philippa Berry

shakespeare's feminine endings cover

Shakespeare’s Feminine Endings is an academic book recommended to me by one of my tutors for an essay I’ve written on death in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Winter’s Tale. I borrowed this book from my wonderful university library because it’s very expensive to buy.

In Shakespeare’s Feminine Endings Philippa Berry goes into detail about how feminine deaths in Shakespeare are often disfigured by sexuality and how women’s deaths are reduced to the body instead of being noble like masculine deaths are. She also explains how death can be disfigured by women as their deaths break the rules the conventional criticism has set up to understand death in Shakespearean tragedies.

Reviewing an academic/theory book is strange because it’s always useful to read them whether you agree with the author’s argument or not. Her writing is very easy to read and understand though which is always a plus when considering academic books because some of them are incredibly boring and overly complicated.

It was a really interesting read and a useful insight into feminist criticism concerning Shakespeare. I’d definitely recommend it to other undergrads and anyone interest in feminism and Shakespeare.


Started: 6th January 2015
Completed: 6th January 2015

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