Harry Potter Moment of the Week

Harry Potter MOTW

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows. The idea is to get Harry Potter fans together and discuss our favorite things about the series; be it a favorite moment, character, magical item, spell, quote or object from the books, films or J.K Rowling herself.

This week is: Which books would you recommend to Draco?

This is a great question!

I’d recommend Draco so many different types of books from regency novels about willful heroines to modern day thrillers. I’d also make him read the Harry Potter books because I think it would be hilarious to find out his thoughts on them.

Here are some of the books I’d force Draco to read:

The Picture of Dorian Gray   Pride and Prejudice   The Shining   Frankenstein cover   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

1984 cover   LotR   Northern Lights cover   Do Androids Dream   Matilda cover

These are some of my favourite books and I’d enjoy forcing Draco to read them.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. I think Draco would enjoy a horror book too, but I don’t read that much horror, so when I was making my post I didn’t know what to recommend. Now that I read your post, I realized that Stephen King is a great recommendation! Great post!

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