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Allergic to E

I was challenged by Lucy @ Occupation (m)other to do the ‘Allergic to E’ challenge. For this challenge you have to write a paragraph without using the letter ‘E’.

I’m not much of a writer (except for essays and blog posts) and I know that I’m going to fail completely but I’ll give it a go.

Here’s a short paragraph about my weekend at the coast:

My family and I took a trip to my grandma’s caravan to unwind. I’m fond of coastal air and its aroma of salt as I find it invigorating for my soul.

Rain spilt down on caravan roofs during gloomy nights but sunlight was victorious during daylight hours. Walks across sandy plains brought visions of past holidays to my mind as I got sand in my socks, a truly annoying affair. Nostalgia is an amazing thing.

Buying a lunch of fish and chips from coastal towns is a tradition that most Brits participate in. It’s a tradition that I am partial to. And a fun way to occupy your hours is by throwing coins into slots, though you possibly won’t win anything.

I will miss Britain’s coast until I visit it again. Though I won’t stay in my grandma’s caravan as it’s too drafty.

I never realised how difficult it was to write a coherent paragraph describing something without the use of the word ‘the’. This was a difficult challenge for me and this paragraph is so pretentious because I felt lost without the letter ‘e’. I know I’ve used the letter a few times so I’ve failed.

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