Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you to Sarah and Faith at Sublime Reads for the nomination. This is such a lovely award!


  1. Select 15 other blogs to give the award to. You might have to do some searching, but you can find those blogs. You can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.
  2. Make a post to show off your award! Talk about how your blog got started and give some advice to the other bloggers out there. And share the fancy picture!
  3. Comment on each blog to let the blogger know that you have nominated them.
  4. Link to the original post at Edge of Night that way anyway can find the original guidelines and such.

I started this blog on the 1st of January 2015 and it’s going well. It started out as a place to write book reviews to help with my university work but now I’m involved in memes and all sorts of other things. I’ve interacted with some lovely people who have wonderful blogs and that’s the best part of having this blog if I’m honest. While the book reviews have been put on a back burner until I start university again I still find it easy to interact with my fellow bloggers.

My advise to other bloggers is to interact with people and their posts. A comment or a like definitely makes you feel appreciated and you can build up friendships by doing this. When I get back from my holiday I’m going to try to leave comments on more posts and interact with new blogs because it shows people that I recognise their hard work.

My nominations are:

Note: This post was scheduled. I am currently on hiatus until the 1st of September 2015.


7 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congratulations of your award. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday! 🙂
    Thank you for nominating me – I’ve already accepted this award, and have a back-log of tags/awards, so I won’t do this one again. But thank you for nominating me – I really appreciate it 🙂

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