Notes From the Blogger: Starting my MA


I have my first university class of the year tomorrow which means that I’m officially starting my MA. Yay! This year is going to be totally awesome. Hopefully.


Unfortunately, this means that I’m just reading theory and criticism all the time. It can be really boring. Today I’ve read three articles and two books on the Medieval and Early Modern period. I’m so tired and I haven’t even had a class yet.

Hopefully I’ll still be able to read some of the books on my personal TBR while I juggle reading primary texts for university, critical/theoretical reading, and starting my work placement (which shouldn’t actually start until February 2016 but it might start before). I’m probably going to dedicate weekdays to university and weekends to my person reading collection.

There’s one really good thing about this semester though, I’m the only person in my classes because no one else has chosen any of my autumn semester modules. This means that I get to work one-on-one with experts in my field of study and I’m super excited.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Screams internally


10 thoughts on “Notes From the Blogger: Starting my MA

    1. I was terrible for fun reading during my BA. I never made time for myself and it wasn’t until the summers that I actually read something I wanted to. But I’m determined to make more time for myself during my MA 🙂

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