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September 2015 Recap

month recap

September is officially over so I thought I’d do my first ever monthly ‘wrap up’. I’m looking forward to October though and I plan to read a lot more.


I got back from my holiday in Italy on the 1st of September and for the rest of the month I was preparing for university.

From the 16th to the 17th of September my best friend stayed at my house and we watched loads of Disney films. It was super nice to see her before I started university again because I probably won’t see her until our graduation ceremony in November now. Sob.

On the 23rd of September I had my departmental meeting at the University of Sheffield where I met two of the tutors that I’ll be working with in the autumn semester. I also used that day to explore Sheffield a bit. On the 25th of September I officially became a Sheffield University student (I have the student card to prove it).

I spent the rest of September attempting to do all of the reading for my first classes. I didn’t get it all done but I did read about 90% of what had been set.

Books I’ve bought:

I didn’t buy too many books in September because I was trying to save some money before university. However, I’m hoping to buy more in October because I’ve been paid the first installment of my scholarship money. Yay!

Die Trying   Tripwire   The Girl in the Spider's Web   The Shepherd's Crown cover   The Spanish Tragedy

Books I’ve read:

I can’t believe I only finished three books in September (not counting the theory/criticism I’ve read for uni). I’m hoping to read much more in October.

Throne of Fire cover   Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell cover   The Raven Boys cover

Book reviews posted:

This was a good month for me because I haven’t posted a review in month. Again, hopefully I’ll write and publish more reviews in October. The titles are linked to my reviews.

the return of sherlock holmes cover   The Mark of Athena cover

Teaser Tuesdays:

Top Ten Tuesdays:

WWW Wednesdays:

Harry Potter Moment of the Week:

I didn’t any of these regularly in September.

Tags and Awards:

That was quite a lot of awards and tags for just one month. They were fun to do though!

Goals for October:

  • Buy more books
  • Read more books
  • Post at least four book reviews
  • Write more personal posts
  • Post at least 6 times a week
  • Take part in each meme weekly instead of whenever I can be bothered.
  • Sort out my TBR page

I hope everyone had a fantastic September and I hope you all enjoy October too!


3 thoughts on “September 2015 Recap

  1. We all have those months where things don’t go as we would like it to or read as much as we would want to. With starting up uni/school September is always a tricky month. 🙂

    How did you like the Raven Boys?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. September is such a hectic month but hopefully things will calm down until December!

      I loved it. I didn’t even find it slow to start with like a lot of people do. I really like her writing style and the characters. It was just great. I’m currently reading The Dream Thieves and I’m enjoying that just as much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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