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November 2015 Recap

month recap

Hi everyone!

It’s the 30th of November which means that it’s time for my November recap. I can’t believe how quickly November has passed.

Warning: This is going to be a very long post.


I honestly don’t know where November has gone. I must have blinked and missed it. I hope December will be a slower month but I doubt that.

The beginning of the month was hectic. I was researching and writing my essay, the first draft of which didn’t go well, and it was due mid-November so the first half of the month was just taken up by one essay.

Then I graduated. It was a fantastic day, even though it was very cold, and I’ll remember the moment I was finally awarded my degree for the rest of my life. I had to go back to reality the day after though because I had to attend some of my Masters seminars.

Today, the final day of November, has been spent researching how to apply for PhDs. It’s going to be a complicated process but I’m hoping to stay at the University of Sheffield – if one of the tutors is willing to supervise me of course – and applying for funding looks like a nightmare. I’m determined to apply next year even though I might not get accepted by any supervisors.

Books I’ve bought:

I’ve only bought books as Christmas gifts this month. Oops.

Books I’ve read:

  • The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser
  • The Aeneid by Virgil

This month has not been a good month for me. The two books I have read were for university and although I started reading a few of my own books I haven’t completed them. Which means that they’ll (unofficially) be on my December TBR too. Boo.

Book reviews posted:

My November Goals:

How many did I achieve this month?

  • Buy at least 5 books
  • Read at least 5 books that aren’t on my university reading list
  • Post at least 5 book reviews
  • Sort out a December TBR
  • Take part in a challenge/meme on Instagram
  • Buy my best friend’s Christmas present(s) (everyone else gets money)

The book goals didn’t go well because this month has been hectic for me.

Goals for December:

  • Buy some books.
  • Read at least 5 books that aren’t on my university list.
  • Post at least 5 book reviews
  • Sort out a January TBR
  • Sort out some bookish challenges for 2016
  • Start writing all three of my essays for university
  • Enjoy Christmas!
  • Lose at least 5lbs.

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