12 Days of Christmas Blogging: Day 8

I was nominated by Deanna to do this challenge! The challenge was created by StephJ. Go check out their blogs!

The Rules:

  • Include the photo below in each blog post
  • You may start at any point in December
  • Use the topic supplied for the post of that day
  • Make sure all posts are in December, but they don’t have to be posted consecutively (lets face it it’s a busy time)
  • Nominate 3 people after each blog to start the challenge
  • Have fun!


Day 8: Share a local Christmas tradition in your town or country

I live in the UK so I’ll share some of our traditions. The UK is technically not a country (it’s a kingdom which I find hilarious) but I imagine that England (my home country) has very similar traditions to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. A lot of the traditions will be similar to other commonwealth countries and European countries too.

crackerWe pull Christmas crackers – I don’t know how true this is but apparently the USA don’t have Christmas crackers. I imagine that some places in the U.S. do but it’s supposedly a British/Commonwealth tradition. The crackers normally contain a little gift, a terrible joke, and a paper crown.

We watch the Queen’s speech – Well, some of us do. Last year it topped viewer ratings as 7.8 million people watched it (there’s 64 million of us in the UK) but it was closely followed by Eastenders which had 7.55 million viewers. Our house normally has it on the TV but I don’t think that we ever really listen to Her Majesty talk about what an amazing year it’s been and how wonderful the government is… I definitely enjoy watching Eastenders much more than the Queen’s speech.

Boxing Day is a bank holiday – I know that most commonwealth countries, including Canada, have Boxing Day but the USA and other countries don’t. I also think that European countries have a similar tradition but they don’t call it Boxing Day.

History lesson time: Boxing Day probably started out as a holiday in England in the 1830s. The 26th of December is when employees received gifts or ‘Christmas boxes’ from their employers during this era. Servants were also allowed to visit their families on Boxing Day since they had to work on Christmas Day. I know a lot of people, including myself, that call Christmas gifts ‘Christmas boxes’ and that saying originated sometime in the 17th century even though the holiday didn’t start until much later.

Boxing Day is probably the busiest day of the year for shopping. I’ve only ever been to a Boxing Day sale once. I’ll never go to a Boxing Day sale again. Most people have Boxing Day off from work and we spend it either shopping, eating, or watching the traditional Boxing Day football match. Obviously, most retail workers do not have Boxing Day off work and it’s awful working on Boxing Day. Trust me, I’ve worked on Boxing Day before.

I can’t think of any other traditions. If you’re from the UK let me know if you think of some that I’ve missed or tell me your country specific traditions if you’re not!

I’m not tagging anyone specific because pretty much everyone is doing this already. However, I’m tagging you if you haven’t already taken part and you want to!



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