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predict my life in books

Thank you to Deanna for tagging me in the Predict My Life in Books Tag.

The Raven Boys cover1. Soulmate

Gansey from The Raven Boys. He’s my only book crush so I’ve got to choose him.

I know that a lot of people would choose Ronan over Gansey but Gansey’s intelligence and quiet arrogance just appeals to me. I’d probably have to spray him with water every time he said something derogatory about working class people though.

2. How You’ll Meet

I imagine that we’d meet while we were both looking into ley lines and mythology.

I love the magic in The Raven Cycle and ley lines are meant to be everywhere in the UK so I’d love to go exploring them.

3. Where You’ll Meet

In England. Mainly because it’s where I live and Gansey has been to the UK to examine the ley lines here.

4. Job

We wouldn’t need a job because Gansey’s family is loaded. So we’d just go off on adventures to find new artifacts and things. I’d probably write books and essays on the things that we find and the literature and mythology that inspired our searches.

Gansey would be the one who’d earn a living as an adventurer but I’d be more of a writer.

5. Final Story – Create a story to fill in the gaps in your story (how many kids you’ll have if any, how you die, etc. You can still reference books for this part).

I think we’d have a few children because he’s from a family of ‘old money’ from the South and they seem to have large families. Having survived the events of The Raven King and deciding that kissing Blue isn’t worth dying for, Gansey would live to old age and so would I.

We’d travel a lot until deciding to settle down and we’d pass on the stories of our adventures to our children to inspire them.  

This was such a strange experience. I haven’t done something like this since I was a child and it’s lucky that I read The Raven Boys before taking part in this because Gansey is my first book crush. Ever.

Also, Gansey surviving The Raven King is wishful thinking on my part. I really hope she doesn’t kill him like she’s promised to. 



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