Fitness Fridays #4

Fitness Fridays

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Fitness Fridays post. This week has been a little hectic because I’ve had essays due in but I still managed to fit in all of my workouts. I’m very impressed with myself.

This week I tried a ‘One-Song Workout’ created by Bistro MD. I actually found it on Pinterest but I’ve included the correct source. This workout is to Maroon 5’s Sugar which is one of my favourite songs.

One Song Workout Sugar

This was SO MUCH FUN. I really loved working out to this song. I just felt great and I was singing along. It was fab.

The moves were good for me too. I didn’t hate any of them which was a miracle. It’s much more cardio based than some of the other workouts that I’ve done and I really enjoyed that. I love cardio, it’s my favourite type of exercise. However, this is an mini all-round workout and it’s great.

I did this three times during the week: Friday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I did want to do it on Monday and Tuesday too but my essays were due and it just didn’t happen unfortunately.

This hasn’t been a very long post but I’m going to leave it here.

Next week is the last Fitness Friday of January and I think I’m going to continue this series on into February but I’m not sure yet. I mainly want to continue into February because I go back to university on the 8th and it’ll be interesting to see how I fit my exercise around university.

I hope you all have a great Friday!



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