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Top Ten Tuesday – 26th April 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

What a strange little topic. I had to really think about this one but it was fun!

1. Having a series of books with matching covers – I hate it when a published changes the cover design of a series half way through! Matching covers make me incredibly happy because the books look like they belong together.

2. The smell of old books – I am a collector of old books and I love the smell of them. The library at my university has a collection of really old books (from the 1500s!) and they just smell amazing.

3. Gilded edges – I just love books with gilded edges. They’re beautiful. So few books have these little touches nowadays so I really appreciate publishers that go the extra mile.

4. Finding my new favourite book – It’s just such an amazing feeling. I love it when I connect to a book in a profound way. I love talking about my new favourite book. I love looking at it on my shelves when I walk by.

5. Meeting my favourite authors / Owning signed editions – I can’t meet many of my favourite authors because most of them are dead. However, I do plan on going to a signing by Maggie Stiefvater in August! I do have a fair number of signed copies though by authors like Iain M. Banks, Patrick Ness, and Rick Riordan. They’re often the closest I can get to my favourite authors (whether alive or dead).

6. Swapping books – I don’t mind lending my books to people I know very well. I also like book exchanges where you take a book to a charity shop and they give you money (maybe 50p or so) off another book. Borrowing books and book swaps are a great way to increase the readership of books.

7. Recommending books and receiving recommendations – I love it when people recommend their favourite books to me. Sure, I won’t always love the books too but it shows how passionate people are about books. Occasionally though you will find a new favourite book/series/author/genre through a recommendation. Just like I did when two of my friends recommended The Raven Boys to me last year.

8. Owning multiple editions – No one needs 5 copies of Hamlet in their collection but I own 5 copies of Hamlet. I love owning multiple editions, especially of plays, because they can be different and finding the differences is fascinating. Certain editions are more attractive than others too. 5 copies of Hamlet is excessive though, even if three of them are in collections.

9. Book shops – I don’t mean W H Smiths or Waterstones or whatever major chain book stores you have in your country. I mean tiny, little book shops. Book shops that independent and unique. Book shops with character and heart that have been owned by families for generations. I just love little book shops. We need more of them and if you live in the UK (or even Europe) please tell me where your favourite book shop is. I want to visit them all!

10. The act of reading – Reading is such a simple pleasure. It’s a solitary pleasure but it’s also a pleasure that you can share with friends and a wider community. Reading is a personal escape and nothing compares to getting lost in a wonderful book.



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