Notes From the Blogger: Dissertation Update


Hi everyone! This is just a quick update about my MA dissertation. It’s going well so far and I’m enjoying it too. Here’s some random stats for you all:

Currently playing: Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Title: The Theatrics of Death in Early Modern Tragedies

Subtitle: Pending

Words Written: 11,967 (out of 15,000) as of about 10 minutes ago

Chapters completed: 3

Chapters edited: 0

Number of Primary Texts Used: 3

Number of Subsidiary Primary Texts Used: 3

Number of Theoretical/Critical Books and Essays Read: 86 (most of them irrelevant)

Number of Theoretical/Critical Books Currently on Loan from the Library: 21

Days Left Until Deadline Day: 24 days

Meetings Left with Supervisor: 1

Stress Level: 100 out of 10

Me in GIF Form:

darren criss

So many books to read…





4 thoughts on “Notes From the Blogger: Dissertation Update

  1. Good luck – you can do it!
    I laughed at the “mostly irrelevant” essays read. That brings back so many memories. I read sososososo many articles and most of them were entirely unhelpful. I just couldn’t stop in case the next one turned out to be gold! 🙂

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