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July 2016 Recap

month recap

July was horrible. So many terrible things have happened this month and I honestly can’t believe how many attacks have taken place. It’s heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the victims and their families around the world. I wish I could do more to help.

On a slightly lighter note, July was a positive month for me. Mostly. I still won’t be back to blogging until September but here’s my July recap…


My personal life is almost non-existent thanks to my dissertation but this is how my month played out…

  • 1st July 2016 – Today was my dad’s birthday. He doesn’t like celebrating so we just made his favourite meal for tea instead.
  • 5th July 2016 – I saw Ab Fab at the cinema! It was so funny. I really enjoyed it. Plus, it was 2-4-1 tickets because it was a Tuesday. Yay! I also picked up 12 books from the library for my dissertation.
  • 7th July 2016 – I met with my dissertation supervisor for the first time. I left it a bit late but he was busy with marking and I was busy writing. I went with a set of questions that I needed answering and also a very rough plan but I didn’t take my first draft with me because it was terrible. The meeting was fine. I got a theme sorted so my dissertation is coming along nicely now.
  • 11th July 2016 – I submitted my ESTA (so did my mum and dad) since we’re travelling to the US in October and it needed doing before the UK destabilised anymore. It was approved. I didn’t expect any different.We also bought (some of) our theme park/excursion tickets for the US. We bought tickets for a Kennedy Space Center and Airboat Safari Tour and a 2-Park Universal Bonus with Halloween Horror Nights® Combo Ticket. We’re buying our Disney tickets on the gate because we only want to go for 3 days and that’s not available to buy in the UK. I’m so excited about going to the Space Center!
  • 12th July 2016 – I saw Ghostbusters and it was epic! I was so impressed with the all-female team because they were incredibly funny and Chris Hemsworth did a great job of subverting the ‘dumb blonde’ routine. It was just so fun to watch. Also, I’m completely in love with Kate McKinnon and her character Jillian Holtzmann. I would marry Kate McKinnon. Just saying.
  • 21st July 2016 – I had my second (and penultimate) meeting with my dissertation supervisor. It was a great meeting and I managed to get all of my questions answered.
  • 27th July 2016 – I spent the day at Sheffield’s Weston Park sunbathing, catching Pokémon, and writing my dissertation. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending some time by myself in such a lovely space.

That’s it.

kate mckinnon ghostbusters.gif

Books I’ve read:

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The Serpent’s Shadow
  • Eldest
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Total: 4 books

Books I was gifted:

  • The Martian by Andy Weir

Challenge Updates:

July Goals

  • Lose 4lbs
  • Write the second draft of my dissertation
  • Don’t buy any books (I was gifted a book but I didn’t buy any!)
  • Complete my book challenges for this month

August Goals:

  • Meet Maggie Stiefvater
  • Complete and hand in my dissertation
  • Enjoy watching Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe (even though I’ve read bad reviews of both plays)
  • Lose 4lbs
  • Complete my book challenges for this month
  • Start job hunting
  • Stick to a new book buying rule: Read 5 books, Buy 1 book. So, after I’ve read 5 books I can buy a new book. This will hopefully curb my book buying habits but also keep my TBR list at a healthy level.


I took part in a photo challenge hosted by @zairabookcorner over on Instagram. Enjoy this collage of my photos for the #summerwithzaira challenge!



I hope everyone had a wonderful month!


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