Notes From the Blogger: Dissertation Deadline


12pm today is the deadline for my dissertation. It’s finally over after three long months of researching and writing and starting over multiple times until I finally gave up. I started my second draft in June, which was far too early, but I deleted everything and started again on the 4th of July because I just wasn’t happy. Then I started my fourth draft two weeks before it was due and I’m happy with how it turned out. As long as I get a Merit I honestly don’t care.

I had my essays bound yesterday after carefully proofreading my entire 15,000 word dissertation. 15,000 words is too long for one essay. It almost felt like three interlinked essays since I had three chapters on three separate plays.I did have a bit of a disaster yesterday morning too since my referencing and footnotes had messed up. I have no idea what happened but it took me a good few hours to fix it. Oh well. It’s over now.

Let me tell you this: printing and binding services are oddly expensive. My university service was slow and expensive so I used one recommended by my supervisor which was a 2 hour service (rather than 3 to 5 days) and I even got a nicer binding. It looked okay in the end and it should have done since it cost me £20! I actually handed the hard copies of my dissertation in yesterday because I’m not a fan of leaving such huge deadlines until the last minute. I handed it in straight after picking it up from binding because I didn’t want to dwell on it.

Today I’m doing absolutely nothing. I may watch some films or waste my day on video games, or even bake but today is about relaxing. I’ll probably write a few reviews too which will be posted in September. I need to get ahead on my book reviews since I have so many to write up. I’ll be going to watch Suicide Squad on Tuesday and I may possibly going to Haworth (aka, Brontë Country) sometime next week too or maybe the week after. Haworth is only about an hour away from where I live but I’ve never been before. I feel like I need to explore Yorkshire. I live in such a beautiful county and I think that I need to appreciate it more.

Anyways, I’m so glad that the stress is finally over. I can now move on and begin to look for employment. I’m going to spend the next two weeks applying for jobs and writing blog posts. So, this is my final dissertation update and I should be back to blogging properly in September.



5 thoughts on “Notes From the Blogger: Dissertation Deadline

  1. Hooray! Congratulations! You definitely deserve a break 🙂
    Printing and binding are expensive, aren’t they? I had to get several copies done of my dissertation because each member of the panel needed to have a copy and we were expected to pay for that… ouch! but it was pricey. Sounds like you found a good service in the end – it looks great 🙂

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    1. Ouch! That sounds awful. I only had to have two copies bound because we uploaded a third online but for the moderator. But it just annoys me so much that I’ve had to pay for something that they’re just going to ruin. I do get a copy back while the other stays in the uni library so at least I’ll have sometime to show for my money. Unlike my BA dissertation which I never got back despite being promised it.

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