Holiday Hiatus: 3rd October – 18th October

floridaHi everyone!

This is just a quick note to say that I’ll be on hiatus from today (3rd October 2016) to the 18th of October. I was going to schedule some posts but I’m not certain that they’ll actually be published when they’re meant to be so I’m just going to have a fortnight off from blogging.

I’m currently at Manchester Airport waiting for my flight to start boarding. I hate that we had to be at the airport three hours before our flight. It’s too long to be sat waiting around. I’m trying to read but I keep getting distracted and I’m incredibly bored. We don’t fly until 10.15am and it’s only 8am now. Ugh. I may go and get a hot chocolate from Costa but I don’t really want to pay airport prices.

Anyways, I’ll be in Florida for two weeks and I’ll have some wifi in the hotel but I won’t be posting on here until I come back. I’m considering writing a post about my trip with some photos included but it depends on how much I have to write about.

Follow me on Instagram (@warmdayswillnevercease) though to see any photos that I decide to post!


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