Book Review: The Visitor by Lee Child

the visitorTitle: The Visitor
Author: Lee Child
Genre: Thriller
2011 (2000)
Publisher: Bantam Press
Pages: 512
Started: 15th May 2016
Completed: 29th May 2016
Rating: 4.5/5
Summary: Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cooke have a lot in common.
Both were army high-flyers. Both were acquainted with Jack Reacher. Both were forced to resign from the service.

Now they’re both dead.

Found in their own homes, naked, in a bath full of paint. Apparent victims of an army man. A loner, a smart guy with a score to settle, a ruthless vigilante.

A man just like Jack Reacher.

TripwireThe Visitor is the fourth book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. It was originally published under the title Running Blind which I think is an excellent title for this book but Child originally wanted to call the book The Visitor and he ultimately got his way. Some of the Reacher novels are written in third person and some are written in first person.

This book follows on directly from Tripwire and I’d suggest reading that book before this one.

I have previously reviewed Killing Floor, Die Tryingand Tripwire.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Visitor. I think that this is my favourite Jack Reacher book so far (I’ve only read five though). It’s another 4.5 our of 5 rating though because a book needs to be perfect to get that 5 out of 5 racing.

The plot of this book is fantastic. It’s almost like a murder mystery, or a psychological thriller, and it forces you to focus and put the clues together along with Reacher. It’s wonderfully written. The plot is about a distinct group of women who are being murdered and Reacher is called in for questioning because he knew two of the victims and the criminal profiling team has identified that the killer is a man just like Reacher. Obviously, Reacher isn’t our killer but he’s employed to find the real killer along with the FBI.

I think what I love most about this book is that you read certain chapters from the killer’s point of view. You’re in the killer’s mind but you have no idea who it is. The killer’s voice is incredibly strange because you’re so used to reading the book in Reacher’s voice. I did guess the killer in the middle of the book but then I changed my mind as the book went on. My original guess was correct but I was still shocked at the end.

It just really is an amazing book. It’s thrilling, well-written, and I think that the ending is spectacular. I can’t reveal that ending though. You’ll have to read the book.

The only thing I disliked about this novel was Jodie.

Jodie is present in this book too, she’s the reason that this book follows on directly from Tripwire, and she’s always urging Reacher to settle down. I did like her in the previous book but she did start to annoy me in this one. I don’t know. Love interests in novels like this always seem to annoy me. They just get in the way.

Overall, I loved this book. Go out and buy it right now. Okay, so read Tripwire first but read it soon because this book is just fantastic. I honestly hope that the Reacher series contains more books like this one because I just loved it so much.

killing floor lee child cover Die Trying Tripwire the visitor

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