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The Sunday Post #33

The Sunday Post

Hello dear readers, I’m back from my holiday and I’ve already started posting again. I’m happy to be writing my first Sunday Post in a few weeks.

The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

This post is an opportunity to recap the past week on my blog and in my personal life. It’s also a chance to set up some goals for the upcoming week and talk about anything else that I want to talk about.

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I was unsure about whether to post about my time in Florida here or in a separate post. However, I decided that I should just do it here and I might do a separate photo post later. Anyways, here’s what I did while I was away…

3rd October – The flight to Florida was okay. It seemed like a really long flight though. I mean, it was almost 9 hours (more if you count the delays that we had before the flight) but it just felt like so much longer. We didn’t arrive at our hotel until close to 6pm EST (11pm BST) and so I was tired. I spent the evening around the pool adjusting to the temperature change since it was over 30°C in Florida.

4th October – I did some shopping at one of Orlando’s premium outlets. I didn’t buy much for myself, just some Calvin Klein underwear, but my parents bought more than me.

5th October – We visited Universal Studios and it was fantastic! I love theme parks so much and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is still one of the best rollercoasters I’ve ever been on. I bought myself some souvenirs from Diagon Alley and I bought my best friend a gift from there.

6th October – It was our first day at Universal’s Island of Adventures. We were rained out a bit because Hurricane Matthew was approaching. Orlando sort of shut down in the afternoon so we headed back to the hotel. We did go on a fair amount of rides though, even Skull Island: The Reign of Kong which had a 75 minute queue and is perhaps one of the worst rides I’ve ever been on.

7th October – Orange Country was under a curfew so we weren’t allowed out of the hotel. I just ate pizza and watched Alaskan Bush People all day. I also read some books.

8th October – We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There’s only two decent thrill rides but they’re both amazing. The Tower of Terror never gets old and it’s my favourite ride ever.

9th October – I VISITED MAGIC KINGDOM. I was in Disney heaven. Okay, so it was actually pretty annoying and it was too loud for me. Splash Mountain was odd and cruel and grim. It also broke down. Space Mountain is a good ride but it throws you about and it bruised my shoulder. I watched the second Presidential Debate in the evening.

10th October – We weren’t planning on going to SeaWorld since we’ve always been against their orca shows. However, they do have some pretty epic rides there so we gave in and went. I love the new rollercoaster, Mako, because it focuses on negative Gs and the weightless feeling it gives you is awesome. It really is an amazing rollercoaster. Kraken and Manta are wonderful coasters as well, Manta really takes your breath away as it crushes you back into your seat during a loop. We also got free tickets for another day.

11th October – We went on an airboat safari around a section of the Everglades. It was amazing and we even saw one alligator despite the flooding and very cloudy weather. I didn’t get a photo of him though. I’d recmmend going on a tour of the Everglades because it’s a beautiful area and there’s so much to see even if you don’t get to see an alligator. The Kennedy Space Center was amazing too. I’m a giant science and space nerd (I almost did my degree in Physics) so I was thrilled to be at NASA.

12th October – Today was mostly a lazy day since we’d done so much in the previous four days. We did a bit of shopping on International Drive, mainly at the Harley-Davidson shop, and then we chilled around the pool until about 4pm. At 6pm we arrived at Universal Studios for our first Halloween Horror Night event. I was so looking forward to it. We started the night by watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure which was hilarious. We then went to our first haunted house, the Lunatic’s Playground 3D which is based on a HHN original character, Chance. It was so creepy and it made me jump a few times. We spent the rest of the night on the rollercoasters because the queues were insane. I may be British but queueing three hours for a three minute haunted house is not my idea of a good time.

13th October – More shopping happened and I bought a fair amount of chocolate from Godiva. It was also our second HHN and we did four of the houses this time. Krampus was so weird. I don’t know what I expected from a horror film about Christmas but it was just so weird. The Exorcist was amazing. It smelt disgutsing in the house but I did really enjoy it. Ghost Town was another house that wasn’t based on a TV show or film and I really enjoyed it. It was very different from the other houses. Tomb of the Ancients was good too. I was tired by this point though so I wasn’t overly jumpy.

14th October – I took the bus to Florida Mall. I was disappointed. It’s not as good as Meadowhall or the Trafford Centre but I shouldn’t have expected it to be. I did buy some Yankee Candles and they were on offer so I was pretty happy. $4.50 wasn’t bad for a day pass on the bus though so we also went to Wal-Mart. I wasn’t impressed but my mum bought some baking stuff which is crazy expensive in the UK and was super cheap in the US.

15th October – It was our second/free day at SeaWorld. We just went back around the coasters and I fed stingrays. I’ve done it before so I knew what I was doing but we offered to teach a girl about my age how to do it. She wasn’t freaked out by holding the dead fish that you feed to the rays but she was freaked out by the rays themselves. I did it myself instead and she called me ‘brave’. I thought it was funny because I love feeding them so much. They’re some of my favourite animals. We also did some final shopping and I bought some new Adidas trainer for just $25! I was so impressed with that bargain.

16th October – We went back to Island of Adventures and got rained on again. Our final night was spent at Universal’s HHN and we went in two houses. I hated The Walking Dead because it was terrifying. Halloween II was epic and someone managed to terrify my dad right at the end of the house. He thought that he was free because he saw the exit sign and he let his guard down. It was an amazing night and I loved it. What a way to end a holiday.

17th October – The flight home was exhausting but at least the in-flight entertainment was decent. The landing was good too which is nice after such a long flight.

18th October – Arrived back in the UK thoroughly knackered and all I did was sleep.

21st October – I applied for another job. I’ve worked for the company before but it’s just a Christmas job. I hope I get it because I missed out on two interviews while I was away.

Books I’ve read:

  • The Last Man by Mary Shelley
  • The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  • The Kill Order by James Dashner
  • The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

I really need to update Goodreads.

Books I’ve bought:

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
  • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
  • Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Mass
  • The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

I’ve only read the first book in the Throne of Glass series but I’ve bought the latest one in anticipation of buying and reading the others.

This week’s posts:

This week’s to-do list:

  • Write a review for The Man in the High Castle
  • Write a review for Dark Places
  • Post a book review for Brave New World
  • Post a book review for The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Start drafting my PhD proposal

That’s all for this week! Here’s a photo of the dragon in Diagon Alley…

Dragon at Diagon Alley.jpg


9 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #33

    1. It’s a wonderful but very tiring vacation when you go to Florida. I loved every moment though!

      I haven’t read The Paying Guests but I want to. I enjoyed Tipping the Velvet and The Night Watch though.

      I preferred Dark Places to The Grownup but nothing compares to Gone Girl for me.


  1. Florida trip reports are always fun! Love that dragon pic. 🙂 Glad you had a good time, I love Disney World and Magic Kingdom even though it’s not the same as when you’re a kid. I hate long lines too, and bummer to hear that Kong was a disappointing ride. I’d love to take one of those airboat Everglades rides sometime.

    I’m curious about Dark Places and The Kill Order.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dragon was awesome. It takes you by surprise the first time you see it breath fire but then you know what to look and listen for so you can get amazing photos! I think Kong was disappointing because of the long wait and the technical issues. Too much anticipation I guess. But the rest of the rollercoasters were fantastic. I can’t recommend going to the Everglades enough. It’s just such a great experience.

      I really enjoyed Dark Places. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Gone Girl but it was almost as good. The Kill Order was a good prequel but I enjoyed the original trilogy much more. I’m not one for prequels.


    1. I couldn’t believe the difference in temperature when I got back home to the UK. We dropped 20 Celsius from 30 in Florida to 10 at home. It was awful. But it was so nice to be warm and comfortable in October for once. I don’t know how the locals can deal with it though. I think I’d miss the cold weather too much 😉


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