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Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Gift Guide


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Holiday Gift Guide Freebie. I have very bookish friends so I’m going to do Ten Gifts to Buy a Book Lover because it’s fairly simple and I’ve actually bought most of these gifts for someone in the past.

book-bag-11. Bookish Bags

I love book bags, specifically totes, and I also love bags with book puns on them. I just think they’re great and they make perfect gifts for book fans. Some of my favourites are from Waterstones, The Literary Gift Company, and The British Library. I also love the Penguin book totes because they’re just so cute. I’d like the Sherlock Holmes Penguin book tote or this Carpe Librum one.

pocket-penguin-372. Pocket Editions

I think that Pocket editions make perfect gifts because they’re very cute but also (usually) less expensive than a normal book. I particularly love The Pocket Hobbit edition but pocket editions come in all shapes and sizes and Penguin even has a range of Pocket Classics which includes books by Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, and H. P. Lovecraft. There’s something for everyone in that range and they’re usually under £6 per book. If you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative for pocket editions then I recommend the Little Black Classics by Penguin. Most of them are excellent but I’d stick to the short stories and poetry collections.

lovecraft3. Clothbound / Leatherbound Editions

Clothbound and leatherbound editions are luxury items in my opinion. They can be fairly expensive but they’re usually beautiful. I bought my friend a clothbound edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray for her birthday this year and she loved it. It’s all about finding a book that a person really loves and giving them a beautiful edition. I love the Barnes and Noble leatherbound classics but I also love Penguin’s clothbound classics.

my-grammar4. Novelty books

Novelty books can add a little bit of fun into anyone’s book collection. Caroline Taggart has created a series of books that aim to be funny but educational and this series includes The Sunday Times’ bestseller My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be ‘Me’?): Old-School Ways to Sharpen Your English. Other novelty books that I love are Pugs in CostumesMy Cat is a Dickand More Very British Problems.

you-are-here-bookmark5. Bookmarks

Bookmarks make perfect gifts. I love buying and receiving bookmarks. Every book lover needs bookmarks and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy really expensive ones that are personalised, like this set from, or you can buy cheaper ones from Etsy like these Lord of the Rings ones. I even like the bookmark pads that you can buy where you can write notes about the book that you’re reading.

william-blake-in-a-lake-tshirts6. Clothing

I love the amount of bookish clothing you can buy from Harry Potter socks to William Blake t-shirts. You really can’t go wrong with buying someone a Slytherin (or any other house, I guess) scarf for Christmas or any other occasion. I genuinley love book-inspired clothes and I have many Harry Potter clothing items (mainly t-shirts) to attest to that. I also love clothes that have anything to do with Shakespeare. If you can find a tshirt with your friend’s favourite book quote on then it’d make a perfect gift.

pandp-mug7. Mugs

Everyone needs more mugs in their lives and bookish mugs are the best mugs. Whether you’re into The Raven Boys or Pride and Prejudice there’s a mug for you. Or maybe you just want a mug to let everyone know that you’re reading and they should stay away from you. There are so many bookish mugs out there to choose from and I think that they make perfect gifts.

the-shire8. Candles

I see so many book themed candles on instagram and I really wish that someone would buy me one for Christmas because they look amazing. My choice would be this candle that smells like Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle or this one that’s meant to smell of The Shire from LotR. I think that candles make great gifts anyway, book themed or not, because they’re just so beautiful and they aid with relaxation.

for-the-ambitious9. Tea

This may seem like an unusual choice but I’m a tea lover (I’m a Brit, what did you expect?) and I since I’ve already recommended mugs on this list I thought that I better recommend some book inspired tea too. I love the idea of the Adagio fandom inspired teas, which include Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, but I’ve never tried them myself since shipping is fairly expensive to the UK and I’m 100% sure I’d get hit with customs charges. Plus, I’m broke so I can’t buy fancy tea. I’d love to buy some though.

big-books-necklace10. Jewellry 

I don’t think that you can go wrong with book inspired jewellry. I very rarely buy earrings or rings as gifts unless I know that they’re sterling silver but pendants and bracelets are easy gifts. There’s so many to choose from on places like Etsy that you’re sure to find the perfect gift for someone. You can usually pick something up fairly cheap or you can spend more if you’re looking for a better quality gift.

That’s it! They’re my top ten bookish gift recommendations.


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