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A Few Goals for March…

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Hi everyone!

I’d usually set out my monthly goals during my monthly recap post for the previous month. However, I decided that my monthly recap for February would represent the month, i.e. not a lot of content. So, I just wanted to do a quick post where I set out some achievable goals for March.

1. Post 4 book reviews

This is one book review per week on average, or just less because March has 5 weeks, but I think that it’s achievable. This doesn’t include my two ARC reviews that must be posted this month. So I guess that takes me up to a total of 6 reviews for March.

2. 80% of books I read must be by women

I was aiming for 100% of my books to be by women this month but I have two ARCs by men that need reading in March.

3. Write 5 blog posts for Women’s History Month

I’m still undecided about three of the topics for these posts but I do have a lot of ideas. I’m very excited to write about some amazing female writers from Antiquity to present day.

4. Take a semi-decent photo of the stars

I’m travelling up to the Lake District in Cumbria in the middle of March and it’s a beautiful place known for its landscape but also its dark skies. I’ve always been interested in astrophotography and now that I have a good camera and tripod I’m going to try it out.

5. Start rewriting my conference paper

Last week I had a paper accepted for a conference about ‘Gothic Spaces’ that’s being held at the University of Sheffield. I had a draft ready before I had even submitted my proposal but it needs a lot of work doing to it before May.

6. Start a bullet journal

I’ve already sort of started one, as in I’ve been practising my layouts and stuff to see what I like and what I don’t like. However, in March I want to start using it properly to log my tasks and events and track my habits and record my memories. I may even do a few blog posts about it in the coming months if I enjoy the system. (I am only keeping this journal until August though because I’ve already decided that I want a new one for the 2017/2018 academic year.)

That’s it for my March goals. They’re all achievable and I’m super excited about this month.


10 thoughts on “A Few Goals for March…

    1. Mine is really messy (unlike everything you see on Instagram and whatnot) but I like the idea of having everything in one journal. It’s really fun and I’m hoping that it’ll be useful too, especially my habit tracker! 😊


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