Hiatus – 20th August to 20th September (ish)

I’ve decided to officially go on hiatus for a while since I’ve been on an unofficial hiatus since the beginning of the summer. I haven’t been able to finish a book in ages and that means that I have nothing to blog about so I haven’t blogged properly in months. I’ll still post a TBR… Continue reading Hiatus – 20th August to 20th September (ish)


August 2017 TBR

“The English winter, ending in July To recommence in August.” –  Lord Byron My TBR is a day late this month because I ended up watching Logan yesterday instead of choosing a new tbr. It’s such a heartbreaking film. I cried so much. Anyway, here’s my August TBR. Even if it is a day late…… Continue reading August 2017 TBR