PhD Life: November 2018 Recap

PhD life

November was a tough month for me and my PhD. I’m really glad that it’s over and I hope that December is a better month.

1st to 4th

I just spent the beginning of the month working on my Doctor Faustus chapter.

5th to 11th

I had a supervision with both of my supervisors. They’re both wonderful but it was just a chat about where I’m at now and about my confirmation review. I also attended a reading group on the same day as my supervision which was a perfect way to get over the anxiety I always feel on supervision days.

12th to 18th

I attended another seminar for my teaching practice module which was about teaching difficult texts, both in terms of topic and the language of the text. It was really useful for me because I’ll be teaching Shakespeare to first years. The language is difficult to understand at first but we’ll also be reading plays that contain rape, racism, and suicide. I also had a meeting about teaching the Shakespeare module with the module conveyer (who is also my supervisor).

19th to 25th

I had a really bad week this week. Every single commute to university was a nightmare due to cancelled trains. I also had a lot of cancelled meetings which meant that most of my commutes were absolutely pointless. I was so glad when this week was over.

26th to 30th

I was ill at the beginning of the week, probably due to the stress for the week before, but I had the final seminar of my teaching practice module to attend so I had to go into the office on Wednesday. Our seminar was, oddly, about lecturing and we all learnt that even senior lecturers have really bad days. I had also had a supervision this week. I don’t know why because it had only been three weeks since my last one and I literally hadn’t done anything due to illness and whatnot. We did decide, however, that I’d have a draft of my current chapter in by the 31st of January. I’m going to have a lot of fun with that in December and January.

That was it for November. Here’s hoping that December is better.


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