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2019 Goals: 20 Before 2020

2019 Goals.png

I’ve decided that my goals this year will be 20 things I want to accomplish before 2020. I turn 25 in 2019 so it’s a special year and I want to fit as much in as possible. I’ve roughly grouped these goals into four categories: travel, life skills and health, education, and fun.

  1. Visit the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, West Yorkshire
  2. Visit Haddon Hall in Bakewell, Derbyshire
  3. Visit the British Library in London
  4. Visit Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire (and read Dracula there)
  5. Visit the Brecon Beacons, Wales
  6. Pass my driving test
  7. Reach my goal weight
  8. Learn to code
  9. Start relearning German
  10. Get better at photography
  11. Attend the British Shakespeare Association conference
  12. Organise a postgraduate conference
  13. Reach 50,000 words on my thesis
  14. Contribute to an outreach program
  15. Teach my first class of undergraduates
  16. Go surfing
  17. Decorate my bedroom
  18. Get a new piercing
  19. Attend a sporting event
  20. Read all the remaining books on my Classics Club Challenge list

These are my 20 goals for 2019! Do you have any goals for the year ahead?


12 thoughts on “2019 Goals: 20 Before 2020

  1. I just visited the Bronte Parsonage in 2018, it’s amazing to visit! If you talk to the workers there they’ll also tell you about places in the town that the Bronte’s used to visit (the town is also lovely to look around as well)

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    1. I’ve been to the British Library only once before, to see the Magna Carta, but I’d love to spend some time in the reading rooms! I live close to the Bronte Parsonage so it’s about time I visited the home of my favourite literary sisters 😊


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