#MonthlyWrapUp: December 2019 (+ December Favourites)

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I’m so glad that December is finally over. What a month. The last month of the year. The last month of the decade depending on who you’re asking. I can’t believe this decade is over. Please stand by while I have a small crisis.

I accidentally blogged every day in December except Christmas Day. I’m not sure how that happened. It wasn’t intentional but I did enjoy it so I’m going to try and keep it up for a while. I’m not sure how long but hopefully I’ll get a schedule together soon.

In terms of my real life, I voted in a(nother) general election. I’m so tired of UK politics. I just wish that it would all collapse so that we could start again in a new way. Preferably without any of the major political parties or any of the MPs that are currently sitting in Parliament. Anyone up for a revolution? Anyways, at least Christmas was nice. I spent time with family and ate a lot of good food and drank too much prosecco. I am now addicted to my Nintendo Switch and there’s a good chance it will distract me from my PhD, especially when Animal Crossing is finally released. Oops.

I read a lot of short books this month because I was tired and honestly couldn’t be bothered to put the effort into reading long novels. I loved the Poetic Edda and Hogfather was the perfect Christmas-time read.


December Favourites:

Pokemon Shield – For the final week of 2019, I was glued to Pokemon Shield. I love that the new region is based on Britain, even down to the teacup Pokemon (I named the one I caught ‘Earl Grey’), and I really enjoyed the game itself.

SUGA’s Interlude by Halsey and SUGA – I mentioned this particular song in my 2019 favourites but it was released earlier this month so I’m including it here too! I just love everything about it, from Halsey’s beautiful voice to SUGA’s emotive verses.


Poetic EddaBooks I’ve Read:

  • Poetic Edda
  • The Lifted Veil by George Eliot (Penguin Little Black Classic)
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan
  • The Fall of Icarus by Ovid (Penguin Little Black Classic)
  • HogfatherCirce and the Cyclops by Homer (Penguin Little Black Classic)
  • Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
  • Dreamland by Nancy
  • The Perfect Kill by Helen Fields
  • The Road Through the Wall by Shirley Jackson

Total: 10 books


December Posts:


I hope everyone has a wonderful final day of 2019 and a very happy start to 2020!

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