5 Bad Reading Habits

Bad Reading Habits

I have so many bad habits when it comes to reading that I’m not even sure how I ever manage to finish a book. Here’s a list containing just five of my bad reading habits. I have more but let’s just stick with five for now.


1. Reading multiple books at one time

I’m always reading multiple books, either because of university or just because I get bored of reading a particular book and decide to start a new one. I really do try to avoid reading more than one book ‘for pleasure’ at a time but I always have to read that book alongside another book that I need to read for university. It’s a nightmare.

2. Forgetting that I started a book

Sometimes, I’ll pick a book from my shelves and get a sense of deja vu when I’m reading the first page. That’s probably because I started reading it two years ago and completely forgot that I’d ever picked it up. Tracking apps, like Goodreads, can help with this but I’m just completely useless and I forget that the apps exist too.

3. Putting a book down for so long that I can’t remember the plot or the characters

This is similar to the point above but in this case, I know that I’ve started the book. Sometimes, I even have a bookmark nestled between the pages that shows where I stopped reading. But I still can’t remember anything about the book so I have to go back to the start and read the entire book from the beginning.

4. Rereading my favourite book when I have 100+ books waiting to be read

Whenever I’m thinking about what to read next, it goes something like this:

Me: What book should I read next?
My new books: Pick me, pick me!
Me: I’ll just re-read Frankenstein for the 10th time this year.

I need help.

5. Starting a new book just before I plan to go to bed

I almost always start a new book at 10.30pm even though I try to make sure I’m in bed by 11pm. That either leads to me reading frantically into the early hours of the morning – which isn’t actually a problem because I have insomnia but I’m trying to give myself a routine, y’know – or I have to stop reading the book even though I don’t want to. Why do I torture myself in this way?

Do you have any ‘bad habits’ when it comes to reading?

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25 thoughts on “5 Bad Reading Habits

    1. I’m not sure how I ever manage to finish a book but I’m sure it has something to do with the excessive amount of years I’ve spent as an English lit student. That’s always the answer to all of my issues/problems/whatever.


  1. OMG – the thought of reading more than one book at a time blows my (tiny) mind! I’m in awe of those who can do this – your bookworm superpower. Lately, my worst habit is that I find myself getting rather narky about typos in books 😤

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    1. I wish I only read one book at a time! It would make my life so much easier. I’m the same with typos, they really distract from the story sometimes.


  2. 1 through 3 are so me. I feel attacked lol. I’m currently “reading” 3 books. I also tried to start Crown of Midnight recently but TOTALLY forgot ToG plot. Even after googling it I was confused lol

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    1. I know that feeling – wikipedia is not always helpful when you’re trying to remember a book you’ve already read 😂


    1. Oh, I should have added that to the list! I always have to go back and read a summary of the previous books when I’m reading a new book in a series.


  3. Once I start a book i don’t want to do any other work until am done with the book. That’s my bad habit concerned with reading.

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  4. I’m not sure why reading several books at the same time is a bad thing. I always read at least 1 in print, 1 in digital, 1 in audio, and 1 spiritual nonfiction book. I’m currently reading 7 at the same time, because several of them are readalongs, and I read only a few chapters a week, to read at the same time as the others

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    1. Wow, I couldn’t keep up with that many books at once! But I read almost all of my books in print so perhaps that’s why.


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