#CCSpin 27 Reveal – Which Book Will I Be Reading?

The Classics Club

The Classics Club Spin number was revealed yesterday and it was number 6! Click here to see my spin list.

I’m just going to give a quick summary of the book in this post and a few stats like the number of pages, the edition I’m using, and other stuff.

Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Summary: In this outlandish, outrageous triumph of Scandal fiction, a new Lady Audley arrives at the manor: young, beautiful – and very mysterious. Why does she behave so strangely? What, exactly, is the dark secret this seductive outsider carries with her?

About the author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835 – 1915) was an English novelist in the Victorian era. She was an actress before becoming a novelist and she is best known for writingLady Audley’s Secret, a sensation novel.

First published: 1862
Edition: Penguin English Library
Number of pages: 490

Have you read this book? What did you think of it?


9 thoughts on “#CCSpin 27 Reveal – Which Book Will I Be Reading?

    1. I know Braddon because I’ve read some of her ghost stories (I’d highly recommend At Chrighton Abbey if you’re looking for a short, spooky story) but I’ve never read any of her novels! And it’d be fun to see you join in too 🙂

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