The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf

The Ten Most Recent Additions to My BookshelfI have acquired a fair number of books recently so I thought I’d do a quick TBR update and share the ten latest additions to my (physical) bookshelves.

OliviaOlivia by Dorothy Strachey

When Olivia turns sixteen she is sent to a Parisian finishing school to broaden her education. Soon after her arrival, she finds herself falling under the spell of her beautiful and charismatic teacher. But Madamoiselle Julie’s life is not as straightforward as Olivia imagines and the school year is destined to end abruptly in tragedy.

I picked this up for a few reasons. Firstly, it was a recommendation from someone I trust with book recs. Secondly, I wanted to read a story about queer romance. Thirdly, it’s very short and I’ll be able to read it in one sitting.

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The MoonstoneThe Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

Widely regarded as the precursor of the modern mystery and suspense novels, The Moonstone tells of the events surrounding the disappearance of a mysterious (and cursed) yellow diamond.

I bought this one because I want to read it this month. It’s as simple as that.

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Drive your Plow over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk

Drive Your PlowAfter her two dogs go missing and members of the local hunting club are found murdered, teacher and animal rights activist Janina Duszejko becomes involved in the ensuing investigation.

This one was recommended to me by A Literary Princess about six months ago and I filed it away for autumn/winter because it sounded like the perfect bleak, cold weather book. It won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2018 so I’m very intrigued by it.

Also, the title is a quote from a William Blake poem and that just draws me in even more.

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The TrialThe Trial by Franz Kafka

A terrifying psychological trip into the life of one Joseph K., an ordinary man who wakes up one day to find himself accused of a crime he did not commit, a crime whose nature is never revealed to him.

I got this in the latest Classics Club Spin so I bought it! I’ve already read it (and enjoyed it very much) and I plan on re-reading it before the end of the spin (12th December) so that I can write a half-decent review of it.

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Traveller of the CenturyTraveller of the Century by Andrés Neuman

A traveller stops off for the night in the mysterious city of Wandernburg. He intends to leave the following day, but the city begins to ensnare him with its strange, shifting geography.

This was recommended to me a while ago and I finally ordered it from my local bookshop. It took ages to arrive but that made me want to read it even more.

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Death on the NileDeath on the Nile by Agatha Christie

The tranquillity of a cruise along the Nile is shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway has been shot through the head. She was young, stylish and beautiful, a girl who had everything – until she lost her life.

This is the next book on my quest to read Agatha Christie’s novels in publication order! It’s an iconic title and I’m looking forward to starting it once I’ve finished my current read.

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Appointment with DeathAppointment with Death by Agatha Christie

A repugnant Amercian widow is killed during a trip to Petra… Among the towering red cliffs of Petra, like some monstrous swollen Buddha, sat the corpse of Mrs Boynton.

Another book on my Christie list, the book after Death on the Nile, so this is just going to sit around for a few weeks.

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Hercule Poirot's ChristmasHercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie

It is Christmas Eve. The Lee family reunion is shattered by a deafening crash of furniture, followed by a high-pitched wailing scream. The tyrannical Simeon Lee has been murdered, and Hercule Poirot is called in to investigate.

I know that Christmas is far away but I do anticipate reading the other two Poirot books on this list before the holiday seasons so I wanted to have this waiting for me.

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The Complete CosmicomicsThe Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino

Exploring natural phenomena and the origins of the universe, these beloved tales relate complex scientific concepts to our common sensory, emotional, human world.

I picked this up on a whim! I know I enjoy Calvino’s work and I wanted to read something longer than Invisible Cities so this is the one I chose.

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About Love and Other StoriesAbout Love and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov

Elusive and subtle, spare and unadorned, the stories in this selection are among Chekhov’s most poignant and lyrical.

Another book I bought on a whim but I have no reason for this one! I’ve never read anything by Chekhov before but I’m sure I’ll find something I enjoy in this collection of short stories. I think this will be another winter read and I’m hoping to get to it before the end of 2021.

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Which books have you added to your TBR recently?

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