About Me

I always hate writing ‘about me’ or intro posts. They’re so awkward but I guess that they are somewhat necessary.

I’m Amy, a twenty-something year old book blogger and PhD candidate from the UK. I mainly read and review classics but I am exploring contemporary literature and trying out new genres.

Please note: I am not accepting review requests at the moment because of my workload. I’ll review my circumstances at the end of 2021 but until then I will not reply to unsolicited emails or messages.

Places you can find me:


136 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I usually read during my commute to and from university so that’s a guaranteed two hours of reading per day. All of that has obviously changed right now and I’m reading less than I used to but I just try to carve out some time in my day to dedicate to reading. Also, I don’t force myself to read a book I’m not enjoying because that just takes all of the joy out of reading. I don’t really have any other tips. Sorry!

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